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Is Fig actually great for weight loss?

Generally, when we come across the term “fig,” our mind starts to picture out the images of sweetened fig cookies and fig bars. Losing weight is already a tedious job, and the Dried Figs will not increase your weight when you consume them, instead help you lose more weight than you could have ever imagined. However, there needs to be a controlled manner in which you could consume pretty produce pieces.

Figs are commonly known by the name of Anjeer. They are sweet little treats and listed among one of the satisfying fruits, which help in losing weight if inculcated in your daily dieting routine. They can either be eaten in the form of fresh fruits or dried form. They offer a variety of benefits to your health. In this article, we will discuss with you how Figs can promote weight loss. Read on to know more.

How to include Figs in your diet?

Figs are generally considered to be useful for losing weight because they can easily satiate your hunger level; what you could get from other food materials can easily be satisfied by eating just a few Dried Figs. Also, figs are known to be food items with low calorific value. Just when you have hunger pangs or your body starts to crave sugar, pick up some figs; instead, they serve as an excellent substitute for sweetened desserts and are even healthy for the human body.

Typically, when you want to lose weight, your dietician would recommend you cut down on the intake of sugar or other forms of carbohydrates. But there are certain times when it gets absolutely challenging to get your body entirely sugar deprived. This is when figs could be of great help. According to several scientific studies, figs are known to help with weight loss programs. One thing you need to keep in mind is –do not try to overdo it. Do not consume figs more than you should be, as it won’t help you in losing any weight.

How can you use Figs for losing weight?

Figs can be consumed in any form –dried or fresh. You can choose whichever type you like the fruit best. You can either add figs to the dishes you might be cooking, or you can even add it to the bakery items –such as in pies and cakes. However, one thing you need to remember is –do not add extra sugar if you include figs in your dishes. We would suggest you went for Dried Figs when you are adding them to your cooking.

The dried versions of figs are sweeter than the fresh produce yet have lesser calories to offer. When you include figs in your diet for weight loss, either eat the fresher variety or consume the wholesome fruit. By eating the beautiful looking fruit, you are not only helping your body gain essential nutrients but also in retaining water to a certain extent. This satiates the hunger levels in our body in an efficient manner and controls our cravings for the intake of more calories.

Why are Figs considered to be suitable for losing weight?

For the ones wishing to lose weight, so far, you must have had a pretty good idea as to how figs can promote weight loss and how the fruit can help in satiating our hunger levels. We have a detailed analysis of how figs can help in maintaining your calorie levels, and we have also listed the glycemic content of the fruit.

  • A 100 gm of Dried Figs can offer you 220 calories, which is lower than the number of calories provided by the fresher version of the fruit. However, the fruit needs to be consumed in a moderate amount. Figs can be addictive, especially for the ones who have cut down on sugar because of their pulp-like texture and their sweet taste.
  • The glycemic load of Fig is 16, and the glycemic index is 61
  • The glycemic load of the fruit, which is 16, is considered to be particularly high. And therefore, the consumer is asked to eat dried figs moderately to prevent the surge in insulin level in the blood. Also, the ones with Type-2 Diabetes are strictly advised to consult with their doctor before adding dried figs to their diet
  • As Figs are sweet in taste, they are advised to be consumed during the daytime as they can provide sufficient energy to keep you active throughout the day. Also, one of the advantages of consuming Figs during the day will help you burn all the calories while you are awake.

Which is the right time for consuming Figs?

Characteristically, Figs are low-calorific food, and they can be munched during any time of the day. However, as we have mentioned before, make sure to consume it before the sun goes down to promote better weight loss in your body. Also, whenever your body craves a snack –you can try having Dried Figs instead. The best time to consume Figs would be with your breakfast. The human body needs higher calories during the daytime. And that is why dieticians often ask you to include Figs in your morning diet. This will help you meet the energy requirement throughout the day and will satiate your hunger for a considerable period of time.

Also, you can consume figs just 30 minutes prior to performing your workout routine. As exercising demands high energy levels and burns a considerable number of calories, when you consume dried figs right before working out, you feel energized throughout the routine. Thus, your weight loss program is triggered.

Bottom Line:

To answer your question, whether figs are good for weight loss or not –the answer is yes! But the Dried Figs should be consumed in a fixed amount. Although 100 gm of the fruit provides low calories, when you go easy on yourself and consume more than is required by your body, it could do more harm than good. Figs can be included in your morning diet, but we would strictly suggest you keep away from them after sunset hours. That is because after sunset, the metabolism rate of your body gradually decreases, and we tend to burn lesser calories than usual. We hope that this article has answered all your questions appropriately.

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