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Rich wine red color, shriveled appearance and not so spicy, that’s the definition of kashmiri chilli. The kashmiri chilli is smaller, rounder and less pungent, but lends a very bright red color to the food. They are bred for their high color retention since they redden anything capable of absorbing color. The kashmiri chilli powder is a blend of medium quality red pepper mostly used for tandoori dishes. The roasted kashmiri chilli has a very pleasant aroma. It can redden anything that is capable of absorbing color like oil and surface of meat, etc.

This chilli pepper is either used fresh, dried, wrinkled or grounded. It is used to give flavor and color to curries, vegetables, sauces, soups and stews. It is also popular in marinades alongside chopped onions and tomatoes. The chilli imparts a rich red color when added to gravy making the dish eye-feasting.

Fried or dried chilli is used to make hot sauce, a bottled condiment.

Nutritional Value
It has a high content of Vitamin A and C which boost immunity.

Most Indian savoury dishes are incomplete without a dash of chilli powder. However, when you want that mild zing and enticing red colour but also moderate spiciness, then Kashmiri chilli is the option. These chillies are smaller and rounder and less pungent but give a very vibrant red colour to a dish Kashmiri chilli has a mild taste, attractive colour and many health benefits makes it an important ingredient for Indian kitchen. Kashmir Store offers you premium quality kashmiri chilli. Kashmiri red chilli is mild and dried chilli, which adds rich flavour to Indian cuisine. They are not too hot and their vibrant red colouring add hint of colour to the dish. In fact, the grounded version of Kashmiri red chilli i.e. the powder form is widely used in Indian cooking. Kashmiri red chilli offers a number of health benefits apart from creating delectable dishes for our tastebuds. It can be given to kids and to those who do not like much spicy food. Low on heat but extremely rich nutritional value. Kashmiri red chilli is mild and dried chilli which adds rich flavour to Indian cuisine.

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