Kashmiri Samovar (Copper)


  • Manufacturer By: Local Artisan
  • Dimensions : 6 “
  • Item Capacity: 06-08 Cups
  • Item Weight: 1800 g (May Vary)
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A Samovar (Kashmiri: Samavar)

is a traditional Kashmiri kettle used to brew, boil and serve Kashmiri Salted Tea (Noon Chai) and Kahwa. Kashmiri samovars are made of copper with engraved or embossed calligraphic motifs. In fact in Kashmir, there were two variants of the samovar. The copper samovar was used by Muslims and that brass was used by local Hindus called Kashmiri Pandit. The brass samovars were nickel-plated inside. Inside a samovar, there is a fire container in which charcoal and live coals are placed. Around the fire container, there is a space for water to boil. Green tea leaves, salt, cardamom, and cinnamon are put into the water.

No house in Kashmir is without a samovar! There are at least 2 samovars in every home. The traditional heritage of serving tea in this coal-heated tea kettle has had its origins tracing back to Afghanistan, Russia, and Iran. We have for you a beautiful copperware carved collection of samovars handcrafted for you to choose from. Happy Tea Serving delight!  For your daily use, we have a beautiful samovar in a plain copper charm to let you feast on traditional comfort and ease every day! The base has a lovely jaaldar pattern that adds a look of class to its overall appeal. Simple yet elegant, a lightweight samovar for your daily serving experience. About the Craft, Copperware has been a native art of Kashmir where the designs range from plain copper products to intricately engraved objects of beautiful charm. The streets of Shehar-e-Khas are found gleaming with large beautiful samovars, intricately carved trays, and bowls, reflecting the glamour of this fine art. Add to these masterpieces of traditional art, handcrafted to add elegance to your homes! About Copperware Locally known as Traam, Kashmiri Copperware is a symbol of royalty. Beautifully carved, the copperware sits high in the court of Kashmir Arts and Crafts, its mesmerizing coppery bronze hue casting a spell of grandeur in heritage-inspired motifs. Shehr-e-Khaas has been the hub of copper ware since the 19th century, the old markets of Zaina Kadal still carrying this glorious art. Large beautiful copper; samovars, cups, glasses, tasht naaris, traamis, jugs, bowls, trays, degh (round bottomed cooling pot)gracefully stand in the shops of downtown even today.