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May 2021

Samavar Or Samovar – Star of every Kashmiri Kitchen

Samavar Or Samovar - Star of every Kashmiri Kitchen While checking into a teashop in Srinagar, the first thing that catches the eye is a row of glistening white and golden Samovars full of boiling noon chai and kehwa. Their exotic smell, quickened by a breeze, brightens the mood so...

January 2021

‘Harissa – The winter delicacy of Kashmir’ in high demand during winter in Valley

The famous Kashmiri delicacy, Harisa has become a tourist attraction over time. It takes 17 to 18 hours to make the dish and people from all over the country relish it during the winter season. Harisa is also known to keep the body warm during the chilly weather. Amid the...

November 2020

Best & Top Products From Kashmir Valley

“Kashmir-the heaven on Earth, a true Fairyland from the Grandmother’s tale and an unmatched Endless locale of Beauty and Love. ” Whether you can count it, count on it or you cannot, Kashmir has remained the center for World’s most beautiful Tradition and heritage. Unique in its style and to...

September 2020

Top 5 Paper Mache Home Décor Items you can Buy Online

Apart from the stunning scenic beauty of the Kashmir valley, there is much more to Kashmir. It’s people, culture, hospitality along with delicacies served there never lets any visitor return without good memories. Kashmir is also globally popular for its gift items and handicrafts. The grandeur of Kashmiri artwork...

August 2020