Best & Top Products From Kashmir Valley

Kashmir-the heaven on Earth, a true Fairyland from the grandmother’s tale and an unmatched Endless locale of Beauty and Love.
Whether you can count it, count on it or you cannot, Kashmir has remained the center for World’s most beautiful Tradition and heritage. Unique in its style and to some extent matching with the norms of central Asia, Kashmir lies undefeated for the number of things it is famous for. The beauty is indescribable and so is the warmth of its people, their love and their serenity. From its mountains and glaciers to the lakes that jaunt through its vale, Kashmir is a craft itself and the creator is its craftsman
Giving this proficiency to the subjects of the state, the Lord has bestowed artistry in their lineage. Taking a look at how the People of this Heaven have utilized these blessings and how far they have been successful in this, let us speak of Exclusive things Kashmir holds for you.
Around 70% of the total income of this state depends on tourism. Shikara rides, destination travels, honeymoon Packages, sightseeing and trade of Kashmir Arts is what most people have their source of income from.
If you are here in the state you need to witness the sunset in Shikara or on the night of Super Moon, when the gold scattering moonlight strikes against the snow-covered mountains, this mesmerizing view can only and only be witnessed in this Garden of Paradise.

List Of some products from Kashmir:

  • Almonds
  • Saffron Or Kesar
  • Walnuts
  • Apricots
  • Papier Mache
  • Kashmir art and Handicrafts
  • Wood Art
  • Kashmiri Shawls
  • Honey
  • Shilajit Or Shilajeet
  • Kashmiri Kahwa
  • Kashmiri Carpets and Rugs
  • Apple
  • Wazwan
  • Harisa

Kashmiri Saffron
Yet another thing Kashmir is extremely known for is its Saffron. Known as Kesar, safran, zafran and koang locally is the costliest spice of the world. Saffron production is witnessed only in some destinations of the world- Kashmir proudly being the one among them. Having some unexplained valor and odor, Saffron, when used in some dishes, spills the yellow-golden tincture. Known for its tremendous benefits, Saffron can highly be beneficial for pregnant women, to those who want to stay young and beautiful longer. Moreover, Saffron can help in curing respiratory issues like cough and cold. Saffron can act as an excellent sleep booster and help you have an awesome sleep.

Kashmiri Shilajit
The blackish brown tar like substance which is extracted from the majestic mountain ranges of Himalayas and is known as Elixir of Life is your superfood of all time – Shilajit. One of the most potent rejuvenating anti-aging blockbusters that mankind has ever known.  Pure Himalayan shilajit is attributed as having magical properties when it comes to overall healthcare. It is believed to originate from plant life in the Himalayan region that surrounds the vastness of India, China, Tibet and other parts of Central Asia. Pure Shilajit is said to contain 85+ minerals in ionic form. It is a sticky, tar-like resin substance that oozes out of cracks in the Himalayan mountainous regions.

Kashmiri Kahwa
Moving on to another all-Kashmir owned thing is Kehwa. The world calls it by another name and is in trend because of the research scientists have done on its leaves. Green tea or kehwa had been in trend in Kashmir long before the modern world knew about its benefits. Prepared in a huge copper kettle called as a samovar, kehwa is a mixture of 11 exotic ingredients. In typical Kashmiri style you can enjoy the beverage at noon and especially in winters. The benefit of this drink is that it increases your body heat and reduces body fat. Thus, helping you from a number of health issues you may experience out of bad eating habits.

Dry Fruits from Kashmir
Dried Fruits like Walnuts, Almonds, Apricots, dried figs, dried pineapples, dried kiwi, and dried cranberries from Kashmir are a rich source of antioxidants that help in fighting diseases as less serious as weight gain to some serious diseases like cancer even. Dry fruits delay the aging process and keep their consumer younger for a long time.
Taking dried fruits on a regular basis can keep the weight in check and increase the body heat. That is why it is highly recommended to consume dried fruits during winters. Also, dried fruits help in keeping the intestines in better health.

Kashmir Art and Handicrafts
If you would have been in Kashmir ever you would be knowing that the Mughal Gardens, apart from their exotic architecture provide you with something unparalleled, something that you can share with your friends and allure them with and that is the traditional dress of Kashmir- Pheran.
You can count Pheran as one of the very few Kashmiri things that is unmatched in the whole world. Local women do tilla-kari or aari-kari on a dress made from velvet, makhmal or wool. The neck is designed with tilla with whatever pattern we want. To add to the beauty of this there is this jewelry made of black metal, German silver or pure silver that is incomparable. Long hanging earrings almost falling onto the shoulders, the head cap with its borders holding the “Ronni” falling on the forehead of the wearer and the necklaces’ that may even fall down to the abdomen- all adding to the beauty of the possessor
We have Bags with the crowning of the Traditional art of aari-kaari. Shoulder bags, clutches, handbags, sling bags and even school/college bags made of leather, faux-leather and suede leather are available in different patterns and designs of “kadai’’ with colorful threads. This is trending in the market, so much so that the shopping sites of the west sell it too. The reason for this trend is the durability of these products, the unmatched looks and their cheap costs. Moreover, patterns on each piece of the product are uniquely unique-as it is made only for you, like in real the first and last piece of something.

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