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Do Almonds help boost brain functionality?

Almonds have a long history of not just improving the memory power, but also the overall function of the brain. Commonly referred to as nuts, almonds are, in reality, fruits of an almond tree that contains several nutrients to keep your memory power and mind strong. The Journal of Nutrition and Ageing had published a study stating that researchers have identified a connection between cognitive function and almonds.

Buy Kashmiri almonds as they have got all the nutrients intact and are 100% authentic straight from the yards of Kashmir. Apart from fiber, folate, vitamin E, these nuts also have phytochemicals, which are antioxidants for the brain and combat inflammation. Even omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids delay brain decline.

How Almonds Enhance Memory?

After entering your system, almonds increase the levels of ACH acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter in the brain. It fights Alzheimer’s disease and helps enhance memory power. Consuming 8-10 soaked almonds in a day works amazingly. You don’t have to intake lots of almonds at once. So, when you buy Kashmiri almonds in bulk, it’ll easily last for several weeks or months. The advantage of consuming soaked almonds is that your body easily absorbs them. Here are some of the nutrients present inside almonds that help enhance memory function.

1-Vitamin B6

Also known as pyridoxine, vitamin B6 helps improve the metabolism of proteins, which results in the availability of proteins in an ample amount for the repair of brain cells. Not just that, this vitamin also boosts the neurotransmitter chemical production that improves communication between the brain cells.


Zinc is popularly known to boost the immune system, which helps fight against diseases. It also keeps viral and bacterial infections away that acts as a threat to the brain cells otherwise. You get 3.3mg of zinc per 100 grams of almonds, which is pretty much a decent amount.

3-Vitamin E

Undoubtedly no one can stop the aging of brain cells. However, it’s possible to slow down the process of aging and keep the memory sharp for an extended period. Vitamin E present in almonds is responsible for slowing down the aging of brain cells. Also, over-dosing might have severe repercussions, so try not to exceed eight almonds per day.


Consuming an ample amount of protein is very effective when it comes to repairing brain cells. It contributed to improving cognitive functions, which includes memory power. Almonds are rich in protein. Hence, they enhance memory power. If you buy Kashmiri almonds, you can get up to 16.5% of protein per almond.

5-Omega-3 and Omega-6

These fatty acids boost intellectual levels, and magnesium present in it helps to strengthen nerves present in the brain. They encourage healthy aging of the brain and contribute towards developing a sharp mind.


Magnesium comprises 20 percent of the overall nutrient content present within almonds. This miracle nutrient helps in a plethora of essential actions such as energy creation, protein formation, gene maintenance, nervous system maintenance, as well as muscle movement.

Other health benefits of almonds

There’s much more to almonds than just a healthy brain. Here are some of the powerful health benefits you get if you consume almonds on a regular basis.

1-Good for Heart

Almonds aren’t only good for your taste buds, but also healthy for your heart. It will give you a healthy heart along with a sharp mind. Vitamin E present in almonds increases antioxidants, improves the flow of blood, and lowers the level of blood pressure. They keep your blood vessels happy and healthy, which, in turn, reduces heart-related diseases.

2-Say Goodbye to Cravings

Do you have the habit of keeping your mouth full and reaching out to a piece of chocolate now and then? Though it might prove to be successful in quenching your craving, it’s not a healthy option, instead of choosing a bar of chocolate or a cookie that’s loaded with calories, binge on five to six almonds. You can buy Kashmiri almonds online and get them delivered to your doorstep at reasonable prices.

3-Regulate weight

Almonds are also popularly known to reduce the BMI or body mass index. Almonds consist of plant protein, fiber, and healthy fat, which makes you feel full and delays hunger. As per recent studies, almonds have 20% fewer calories than what’s mentioned on the label. This is because the digestive tract absorbs not all calories. In this way, fewer calories go into your body, and it becomes easy for you to manage weight.

4-Glowing Skin

As already said above, almonds are jam-packed with antioxidants and vitamin E, which fights radicals and reduce inflammation and keep your skin young and healthy. To fight against harmful UV rays, poor diet, and pollution, almonds provide antioxidants that include kaempferol, catechin, isorhamnetin, epicatechin, and quercetin. They’re so powerful that they can even prevent or combat skin cancer. Malnourished and aged skin will become a story of the past once you start eating almonds regularly. Buy Kashmiri almonds right away and bless your skin.

5-Prevents diabetes

Almonds are packed with monosaturated fatty acids, which are very important for your body. They maintain the glucose amount in the blood and regulate how it’s absorbed and used. This signifies that it can also regulate the blood sugar level and, hence, control diabetes. Diabetic people who have developed a habit of eating almonds can successfully eradicate insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is dangerous as it boosts the level of glucose. People suffering from oxidative stress and excess body weight can also benefit from almonds.


Now that you’re aware of all the beneficial properties of consuming almonds, you should include them in your diet right away! Also named as “King of Fruits,” Kashmiri almonds have an endless list of valuable properties. Since the temperature never goes beyond 32 degrees in Kashmir, the almonds available there are very sweet and nutritional. You can even replace your coffee or energy drinks with a fist full of almonds, and you’ll get the same results. The finest variety of almonds are handpicked by Kashmiri people and delivered to your doorstep. What could you possibly ask more?

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