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Is Kashmiri Saffron Good for Your Immunity? Let’s Check It Out!

Immunity is something we cannot compromise with no matter what. People are stressing over having a good immune system more than ever because of the ongoing battle with the coronavirus. People having their immunity level at the peak can fight any virus, bacteria, or allergen.

With this, the demand to buy Kashmiri saffron is also going high. One of the ancient spices called saffron, claims to spike up your immunity level. Now the question arises, does it actually enhance your immunity level, or it’s a false claim? Well, before going into the depth, let’s first know about what it is.


Also known as Kesar in India, Saffron is one of the ancient spices that is derived from the Crocus sativus plant, which is very expensive. Around seventy-five thousand flower heads are required to get one single pound of saffron. After harvesting the crimson-colored stigmas, the flowerheads are dried to get saffron. Chefs use saffron for the unique flavor it gives to any dish. Saffron has also served as a food color for centuries. People are now again turning to this ancient supplement to make their immune system strong enough to cope with the deadly virus. Also, the delicacies you’ve been served at a hotel is made rich-colored and delicious using saffron.

Is it beneficial for boosting immunity?

Saffron not only adds richness to a dish but also makes your immune system even more strong. Jam-packed with vitamins like B1, B2, and B6 along with vitamin C, Saffron is essential for a fully-functioning, healthy immune system. Apart from that, it’s also packed with carotenoids that affects a person’s immune response. People looking for authentic saffron can buy Kashmiri saffron online. Essential oils present in the plant, such as phytochemicals, increase the level of immunity.

Researchers say, when given in low doses, saffron proves to be beneficial for the immune system as it acts as an immunostimulant and stimulates a quick cellular response. Researchers also claim that immunomodulatory effects are very important for preventing or treating future viruses and diseases.

Does it help to fight against coronavirus?

Being commonly termed as COVID-19, the coronavirus has wreaked havoc on this world. Health experts are working day in and day out to find answers on how to develop a vaccination. Currently, there are around 100 vaccines under development, but there’s no confirmation from any single one of them. Therefore, people are now adopting age-old methods for boosting the immunity level. Nowadays, everyone is looking to buy Kashmiri saffron because it’s authentic and raw and possesses amazing characteristics to upgrade your immunity level.

Recent studies have revealed that consuming around 100gm of saffron every day provides a quick immunomodulatory response that might stand a chance against the deadly coronavirus. However, it has not been scientifically proven yet. It cannot be termed as a cure for COVID-19. It can only boost the level of immunity so that you don’t experience severe consequences even if the virus enters your body.

Why should you buy Kashmiri saffron online?

Are you looking for the most authentic saffron straight from the yards of Kashmir? If so, then you should buy Kashmiri saffron online. There are endless benefits of online shopping, and here are some of the reasons why you should always go for online shopping when it comes to buying saffron.

  1. Delivery

The best thing about buying saffron online is the fact that you don’t even have to go out of your room. Your order will be delivered to your doorstep free of cost. Stepping out from your house and taking a trip to Kashmir just to get the authentic saffron doesn’t seem possible or practical, given the current situation. So, all you need to do is place your order and wait for the arrival of the package.

  1. Quality

Quantifying the quality is very tough, especially when the product is saffron. Comparing the product offered by different sellers is not a piece of cake. The more special and expensive the product is, the tougher and sensitive it becomes to differentiate between them. Sargol or stigma is the red part, and you can figure out the quality from this part. The deeper the shade, the higher the quality.

There are four kinds of saffron in all. Sargol, the red one. Pooshai, from margin to the top of the red and white part. Dasteh, white and red parts together. The last one is Konj, which is completely white. If you browse “buy Kashmiri saffron,” you’ll have access to different online stores that are claiming to offer the best saffron. Now that you know the saffron that has the deepest shade of red is best in quality, always go for it.

  1. Know all the details

When you buy saffron online, you get all the details about the source, the methods used to harvest it, and everything. Buying from a reputable website gives you an assurance that all the information available at their site about the product stands true. Go through the review section if you’re still not satisfied. You can find the most honest reviews and figure out whether the site is worth trusting or not.

Legit online stores have a reputation to maintain and would never sell a fake product or bad-quality products to their clients. Place an order for the product that has the highest rating. In this way, there won’t be any risks or regrets.


Now that you are familiar with the amazing health benefits offered by saffron, we hope you’d consider consuming it regularly. Apart from boosting immunity, it delivers a long list of advantages for your health. it deals with erectile dysfunction, postpartum depression, depression, cough, male infertility, baldness, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, athletic performance, premenstrual syndrome, and menstrual discomfort. It can be taken by blending it in food, tea, warm milk, and water. Additionally, it also adds a rich flavor to your food, making it even more savoring.

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